kelsey b

Kelsey B is a photographer and Illustrator based in Kamloops B,C. She’s currently finishing up her Bachelor of Fine Arts with no immediate plans for the future, “How exciting!”

“My artistic process is digital based. I take digital photographs from my everyday and digitally draw cartoon figures, human and animals, that best represent and  exaggerate the feeling or the physical atmosphere of that photograph. My work is process based; in some instances the figures are formed after the photographs have been taken while in others it is the figure that forms the photograph.

I like the word intimacy. I become intimate with the world around me with each photograph that’s taken. I focus on exploring different view-points and reflecting on new ways to see “old news”. My illustrations, though sometimes not always evident, reflect an intimate and unsureness of myself through the satire and humour of them. It’s important make yourself laugh and that’s what I focus on in my work, my own entertainment.”